• Green Canyon Full-Day Boat Tour

    Green Canyon Boat Tour

    Taking a boat to see the Green Canyon is an ideal way to relax and enjoy a day out in a peaceful environment. This tour is suited to all ages and will take you on a journey across the Green Lake and through the canyon, surrounded by lush woodlands.

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  • Alanya Pirate Boat Trip | Lunch and Soft Drinks inclusive

    Pirate Boat Trip

    Sail along the Alanya coast during a 5-hour boat trip. Pass by the main attractions and stop off to visit and explore nearby caves. You will also have 3 or 4 breaks for swimming, and there will be a lunch served on board the boat.

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  • Manavgat River Boat Trip with Grand Bazaar

    Manavgat River Boat Trip with Grand Bazaar

    Spend a lovely day sailing along the Manavgat River, enjoying spectacular river landscapes and the beauty of Manavgat Waterfalls.

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  • Alanya All Inclusive Party Boat | Day & Night Party Boat in Alanya

    All Inclusive Party Boat

    Explore the Mediterranean in style on a 5-hour luxury yacht cruise, including lunch, and pass sights like the Red Tower, the Old Shipyard, the Pirates, Lovers and Phosphorous caves. Stop at Cleopatra’s beach and Pasha beach to swim and snorkel, have a chance spot dolphins and sea turtles along the bay, and enjoy non-stop on-board entertainment, including a foam party.

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  • Relaxing Family Boat Trip with Fishing and Snorkeling

    Family Cruise with Fishing & Snorkeling

    Enjoy sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling away from the crowds on this relaxing full-day cruise from Alanya. Soak up the scenery from the top deck as you sail around the Pirates, Phosphorous and Lovers caves, try your hand at snorkeling or fishing (equipment provided), and swim in the tranquil Mediterranean bays, then tuck into a generous buffet lunch onboard.

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  • Night Disco at StarCraft

    Night Disco at StarCraft

    Have fun with your friends in Alanya StarCraft Yacht tour with all inclusive option. Only adults over 18 are allowed to book. Enjoy being in the sea on luxury yacht with disco.

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  • Catamaran Boat Tour

    Catamaran Boat Tour

    Experience a relaxing cruise along the coastline of Alanya, with lunch served on board. Enjoy plenty of opportunities to swim in picturesque caves.

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  • Sealanya Dolphin Show

    Sealanya Dolphin Show

    Watch a playful group of dolphins and sealions both above and below the surface of the water at Sealanya Dolphin Park. Sealanya Dolphin Park is the largest interactive dolphin pool in Alanya, where you can see dolphins play and jump above the water, or see them gracefully swim underwater. Don't forget to see the dolphins in action at the Dolphin Days show.

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